Foreclosure Market in Phoenix Arizona

Foreclosure market in Phoenix Arizona.  Well what's going on with the Foreclosure market in Phoenix Arizona?  Well, we are now setting a new record for the millennium so far - the lowest rate of new foreclosures notices  in Phoenix Arizona in January since we started keeping records in 2001. Today we have seen 456 for the month to date, at a rate of 35 per working day.  The closest rivals are last … [Read more...]

How are Trustee Sales doing in Arizona?

How are trustee sales doing in Arizona?  First, what is a trustee sale? A trustee sale is a publicly-held auction where buyers can bid on real estate properties. Trustee sales are conducted when a homeowner is in default of his mortgage payment for more than 60 days.  How are trustee sales doing in Arizona, I am starting to feel sorry for trustee sales as they are so low and neglected these … [Read more...]

What if someone objects to the will?

If someone files an objection to the (probate estate) Will, or produces another Will, what is known as a “Will contest” has begun. While Will contests are not that rare, and while few people actually win one, they can be extraordinarily costly and create incredible delays. It is not just anyone that can contest a Will. For example, if you feel your recently deceased next door neighbor’s out of … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Avoidance Arizona-SaveOurHomeAZ

In all my years in the Real Estate industry here in Phoenix, Arizona I have never seen a market like this one; I am seeing good, hard working people just like you lose their homes to foreclosure, many through no fault of their own. It seems foreclosure has no limits; rich, poor, blue collar, white collar are not immune to this problem. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. There are options … [Read more...]