Top 7 Zip codes for appreciation In Arizona

The top 7 zip codes for appreciation in Arizona are here in the East Valley.  In these 7 Zip Codes, the appreciation has increased over 10% when compared to the 3 months average price per square foot with last years at this same time. The biggest rises in average sales price per square foot over the last year have been in the areas closest to the center of the Phoenix conurbation and close to … [Read more...]

DoYou Need a Professional to Sell or Buy a Home?

In this blog from Keeping Current Matters Current, the article talks about if you should sell your own home or buy your own home.  Well, it is more than just being able to negotiate.  A true Real Estate Professional knows the contract inside and out of the real estate contract, they know what area's make the most mistakes.  Like for instance, your inspection period, did you know that you can … [Read more...]

America’s Thriving Cities, From Seattle to Boston, Gilbert Arizona made #8

Gilbert Arizona made the list for America's most thriving cities in America. Gilbert is an amazing place, so many great subdivision to choose from. Gilbert Arizona is approximately 30 miles from downtown Phoenix and the sky harbor airport. Visiting Gilbert, Arizona, you'd never know you're in one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. In the last decade and a half, Gilbert has grown … [Read more...]

New housing starts lower than expected in July

Here in Arizona we are starting to see new builders back, our permits are up in the Valley of the Sun, but for most of the country, the numbers are down with permits on new builder, as you can see in this article. Here in Arizona, our inventory has been exceptionally low and that is one reason why our new builders here in the valley of the Sun have been so successful.  If you are looking to move … [Read more...]

Jury awards Oregon woman $18.6M over credit report

In this article from the Associated Press, you will see how important checking your credit scores on an annual bases. Most of the credit bureau's will allow a yearly check of your credit score, and I highly recommend it, even if you are not in the process of buying a home. It will save you time and money when you do go to buy a home or any other large investment down the road. PORTLAND, Ore. … [Read more...]