What if someone objects to the will?

If someone files an objection to the (probate estate) Will, or produces another Will, what is known as a “Will contest” has begun. While Will contests are not that rare, and while few people actually win one, they can be extraordinarily costly and create incredible delays. It is not just anyone that can contest a Will. For example, if you feel your recently deceased next door neighbor’s out of … [Read more...]

What are the main duties of a personal representative?

The main tasks of a Personal Representative are to: (1) determine if there are any probate assets; (2) identify, gather, and inventory the assets of the deceased; (3) receive payments due the estate, including interest, dividends, and other income (e.g., unpaid salary, vacation pay, and other company benefits); (4) set up a checking account for the estate; (5) figure out who is going to … [Read more...]

Make Sure To Have A C.P.R.E.S Certified Realtor

Probate is an everyday process in our courts and the number of filings grows daily. The disposition of real property is one of the primary actions in most cases. The executors and administrators need to have a resource to assist them in the sale and marketing of the real property in a positive and stress free manner. The courts, as well as the heirs, want to make sure the property is handled with … [Read more...]

4 bedroom in Glendale Arizona with Community Pool

This home is situated in the lovely community of Tarrington Place, which is 22 minutes to Sky harbor international airport. Close to two major freeways, loop 101 and the 17, that will take you straight into Down Town Phoenix. Many shopping malls and grocery stores, doctors and hospitals nearby, this is located close to Sun City and Sun City West. Minutes away from Glendale Community College and … [Read more...]

How is the Phoenix Arizona Housing Market, April 2013

How is the market? Everywhere I go in the Phoenix metro area EVERYONE is talking about the Phoenix real estate market. Whether I am in the grocery store, at my daughter’s volleyball games or simply going about my day, everyone wants to know “how is the market”. In short, the market is great. Well, it is great if you are a seller. The Phoenix real estate market has done a complete 180. It seems … [Read more...]

Before and after, getting the home in sellable condition.

Since I am a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist in Arizona, many times I come across out of state Personal Representative that list a home with me. Often, these homes need so much preparation the personal representatives have me help provide vendors that can repair, place furniture, clean and generally just get the home in sellable condition. I recently received two calls from out of state … [Read more...]

February 2013 Results: Greater Phoenix sales prices rise again

February 2013 Existing Single Family Sales Price Up, Again The February 2013 median sales price in Greater Phoenix for existing single family homes was up three percent over January 2013, and up thirty-two percent over February 2012. The February 2013 median sales price was $180,236. The last time it was higher was in September 2008 when it was $184,000. There is still distance for the median … [Read more...]

What is my Phoenix home really worth? January 21,2013

As of the today January 21, 2013, we have 14,145 active single family homes in Maricopa County, Phoenix Arizona; this is down from December 11, 2012 when we had 14,292 active single family homes in Maricopa County.  Why is this so significant?  Well, we have many buyers out looking for homes and we have very low inventory.  We need more home owners to consider selling their Phoenix Arizona home.  … [Read more...]

Is it still a good time to sell your Phoenix home?

For the majority of 2012, homes for sale in Phoenix Arizona have been very low. This has caused multiple offers for many buyers. A shift is happening and as of today December 11, 2012, we have approximately 4000 more single family homes, then we did back in April 2012. As of today, we have 14, 292 active single family homes. Back in April we were closer to 10,000 active single family homes. … [Read more...]

How much is your Phoenix Arizona home really worth in December 2012?

I have a client who called me last week and told me they have to sell their home. He said he might have to do a short sale and wanted to know the process of a short sale. I explained to him that prices are on the rise here in Phoenix Arizona and his house might be worth more than what he thinks. I pulled up homes for sale in his area that were active, pending and recently sold. After … [Read more...]