Phoenix Housing Market Update

  Phoenix housing market update.  Wondering what's going on in the Phoenix housing market?  Well, here is your Phoenix housing market update.  Even the media hasn't caught up with the Phoenix housing market, the media is usually 2-4 month behind. According to the Forbes article below, right now is a great time to invest in Arizona Real Estate. Read more to find out why! Should You Invest … [Read more...]

Need a Bedroom and Bathroom Downstairs?

Need a bedroom and bathroom downstairs?  Let's face it, sometime Senior housing is not affordable, so we have to move into our adult children homes and having a bedroom and bathroom downstairs can be a manageable compromise.   One big hurdle is to allow everyone to have their own space.  When moving into a mix generational home, it is always important to find some common ground for everyone.  … [Read more...]

Does Arizona have cash buyers?

Does Arizona have cash buyers?  Well, here is a chart to show the percentage of total purchases for single family homes and residential condominiums for Maricopa County on a monthly basis from 2003 to today. As you can see, the highest percentage of cash buyers were between the years of 2009 to 2012, many being investors and Canadians.  This was also at a time when Arizona was at its lowest price … [Read more...]

When can I buy a home after a short sale, forclosure, or Bankruptcy?

Have you ever wondered how much time after going through a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or deed in lieu of foreclosure, you would have to wait to buy a home? Well, this chart should help. With new guide lines, buying a home is not out of reach. If you have experienced any of these, but really want to own a home again, there is hope. Talking with a good lender or financial advisor … [Read more...]