Phoenix Housing Market Update

  Phoenix housing market update.  Wondering what's going on in the Phoenix housing market?  Well, here is your Phoenix housing market update.  Even the media hasn't caught up with the Phoenix housing market, the media is usually 2-4 month behind. According to the Forbes article below, right now is a great time to invest in Arizona Real Estate. Read more to find out why! Should You Invest … [Read more...]

Phoenix Housing Market Update

Phoenix housing market update including appreciation for the South East Phoenix Housing market. Today we will focus on the Southeast Valley of the greater Phoenix housing market to see where appreciation is strongest and weakest. Here is a color-coded ZIP code map that uses red to show where appreciation is stronger than average and blue to indicate below-average appreciation. ZIP codes with … [Read more...]

What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Professional?

What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Professional? Do you need a Certified Probate Real Estate Agent in Arizona who knows the in's and out's of probate Real Estate? What is a Probate Real Estate Agent, you ask? Well, a Probate Real Estate Agent is someone who understands the requirements of probate in regards to the sale of real property that is part of a probate process. I can help … [Read more...]

Housing Market Update for Phoenix

What's the housing market update for Phoenix this past few days?   Well, the Cromford® Demand Index is losing upward momentum again, hitting its lowest point since December today. The market is well positioned but so far there has been no significant uptick in demand that would be required to push the index higher. Last year was similar. January was very lackluster, but everything changed as soon … [Read more...]

Maricopa County Market Index for single family Homes

Maricopa County Market Index for single family homes in the top 17 cities.   Here we see significant improvement in the Southeast Valley, particularly the inner areas. Chandler and Tempe have improved the most for sellers since the beginning of December, with Gilbert and Mesa also edging higher. The Southwest Valley, as represented by Buckeye and Goodyear, is also doing better for … [Read more...]

Where are the Canadian Buyers in Arizona?

Where are the Canadian Buyers in Arizona?  Arizona has always been a winter destination for Canadians and Midwesterners.  Canadians love not just our Arizona weather, but the great value of our property, along with our amazing lifestyle.   Canadians have typically come to Arizona to play golf, hike, shop, and many more outdoor activities.  Canadians take full advantage of our weather, and great … [Read more...]

Does Arizona Still have a shortage of housing supply?

Does Arizona still have a shortage of Housing Supply?  We still have a shortage of Housing supply but it is really only affecting the lower price ranges. I would say below the $250,000 price range.  Housing Supply at the upper prices ranges is adequate and in some segments excessive. This is not only true of homes to buy, it appears to be a growing phenomenon for rentals too.  Homes in the price … [Read more...]

DoYou Need a Professional to Sell or Buy a Home?

In this blog from Keeping Current Matters Current, the article talks about if you should sell your own home or buy your own home.  Well, it is more than just being able to negotiate.  A true Real Estate Professional knows the contract inside and out of the real estate contract, they know what area's make the most mistakes.  Like for instance, your inspection period, did you know that you can … [Read more...]

How the Government Shutdown is Affecting Lending

Everyone is talking about the Government Shut Down and how it will impact them.  In the mortgage world, it does not look like we have to worry, loans are still going through. Homes are still being bought and sold everyday.  At this point, our problem is not getting the loan, if you qualify, but the inventory shortage.  If you are considering selling your home call me.   Please read below courtesy … [Read more...]

Homeownership Still the American Dream

This is a great article regarding Homeownership vs Renting, many folks that had to either foreclose or short sale their home are starting to get back into the buying market. The rules have changed, many of these folks can now buy a home when a few years ago their dream of owning again was years away. Rents have raised over the past few years because the demand has been higher do to many homeowners … [Read more...]