I remember in the 1990’s when Phoenix was a Corporate Headquarters

I have lived in Phoenix Arizona since 1992 and at that time, I remember when corporations were moving into Phoenix, Arizona because the cost of doing business in the valley was so much less. Recently, California approved a massive tax initiative earlier in October, which could mean more buyers moving to Arizona. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council is hoping that leads to job growth here in Phoenix, Arizona.
This agency will fly out California-based executives interested in checking out the Phoenix market. Originally there were 50 CEO’s, but the program has expanded to 100 CEO’s. Melissa DeLaney, a spokes person for the agency stated that they have had many inquiries regarding moving here to Phoenix, Arizona. She mentioned that the companies range from 30 employees’ to 10,000 and span a number of industries. What does this mean for Arizonians? Well, it could mean more job growth, but also these employees’ will need to buy homes in the valley. If you are considering selling your home, now, is the perfect time. Some areas in the valley have increased in value up to 30%. Many sellers think their homes are not worth as much as they could be. Please feel free to contact me for a free comparable market analysis of your home. I will show you what has sold, active listing and pending in your neighborhood.

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