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Shortly after I launched this website, I received a call from a gentlemen by the name of Mike from Tucson Arizona.  Mike was desperate and didn’t know what to do.  A single 85 year old friend, living alone in Mesa Arizona, was slurring his words and getting forgetful.  Living in Tucson, he was a 2 hour drive away.   He called the local senior resource center to find out what he could do, or if they had someone who could stop by to check on him.  Someone from the local senior center told him they could not do anything unless his friend contacted them himself.  Well, his friend was not going to call because he didn’t feel he had any issues.  Mike was desperate so he found my website, and called me asking for help.

I told Mike that I would contact one of my Resources and get back with him.  I called my friend Jamie Flesher, RN, CMC with Legacy Home Care.  Jamie suggested that Mike could call the local police department from the non-emergency number and ask them to do a “Well-Check” on his friend.  Jamie explained that the police are trained to talk to seniors and determine whether they are in need of a Doctor or to go to the hospital.

I immediately called Mike back and explained what Jamie had suggested, and I also gave him the number to the non-emergency police department; he was going to call right away.  What a great asset we have calling our local police for helping our seniors and they are so happy to help in any way.  If you live out of state and/or can’t get to your loved one, call your local police and ask them for a “Well-Check”, they will immediately go and check on your loved one and get any type of help needed and will call you back with the results.

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