Make Sure To Have A C.P.R.E.S Certified Realtor

Probate is an everyday process in our courts and the number of filings grows daily. The disposition of real property is one of the primary actions in most cases. The executors and administrators need to have a resource to assist them in the sale and marketing of the real property in a positive and stress free manner. The courts, as well as the heirs, want to make sure the property is handled with integrity and efficiency. It’s the reason why the services and expertise of educated C.P.R.E.S Realtors are in such demand.

A C.P.R.E.S Realtor’s objective is to assist the estate in a variety of ways with the ultimate goal being the highest net gain on each home sold. Marketing, merchandising, negotiating and networking are only a few of the services they can offer to help the estate realize a win-win transaction.

Proper evaluation of the property, along with suggestions to achieve the highest market value and net gain is a critical first step. A C.P.R.E.S Realtor often recommends several service providers to make repairs increasing value of the property. Most homes need small repairs and trustworthy, reputable and reasonable contractors of various sorts are needed. Painting, electrical and plumbing repairs bring a strong return on investment. It’s an area where a C.P.R.E.S Realtor can refer qualified and proven resources to benefit clients. A C.P.R.E.S Realtor handles showings and arrange for repairs and cosmetic work authorized by the estate making the process flow much easier for all.

In addition, because a C.P.R.E.S Realtor knows the flow of documents and procedures they can provide meaningful support not only their clients but also to the probate attorney. Their only purpose is to deliver successful results. They are professionals who bring understanding, compassion and honesty with a customized plan to sell the real property since every probate is different. Their past performance is a strong indicator of future success. Contacting a C.P.R.E.S Realtor today will bring ease of mind tomorrow

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