Need a Bedroom and Bathroom Downstairs?

Need a bedroom and bathroom downstairs?  Let’s face it, sometime Senior housing is not affordable, so we have to move into our adult children homes and having a bedroom and bathroom downstairs can be a manageable compromise.   One big hurdle is to allow everyone to have their own space.  When moving into a mix generational home, it is always important to find some common ground for everyone.  Boundaries need to be set ahead of time so everyone knows what is expected and what the rules are.  I work with many families where adult children are having their own parents move in or Grandparents are moving in with Grandchildren.  This can be a wonderful experience, or it can be very challenging.  Working with multiple generations can be fun, for instance, a two story home can be great if there is a full bedroom and bathroom downstairs.  I am finding many builders are starting to build homes like this and it makes for a great space and being able to give each family member their own space.

Here is a video of a home I just previewed for a client needing this very kind of space.  Let me know what features you enjoy about this home.


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