What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Professional?

What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Professional? Do you need a Certified Probate Real Estate Agent in Arizona who knows the in's and out's of probate Real Estate? What is a Probate Real Estate Agent, you ask? Well, a Probate Real Estate Agent is someone who understands the requirements of probate in regards to the sale of real property that is part of a probate process. I can help … [Read more...]

Understand your homes risks in probate

Do you ever wonder what happens to someone’s home once they pass but have not put a Will or Estate document in place? Here are a few things you will need to be aware of if you do not have a will or trust in place and own a home in Arizona. Many of us have heard the stories of a loved one dying without a will and how their next of kin had to “go through probate”. So, what is Probate? Probate … [Read more...]

Need Probate Services?

Need Probate Services? Let's face it, no one wants to be in this situation, but if a loved one has passed without a will or a trust, then the Estate needs to go through the probate process. This can take a few months up to a few years, depending on how large the Estate is and how heirs and creditors are found. Many times, when real property is part of the Estate. Many think, the property … [Read more...]

What do we really know about cancer?

I'm no expert on Cancer, however, I have had many friends and family members fight this terrible disease.  When I read this article on one of the biggest hospitals finally telling the truth about cancer, I had to share it.  I had a Broker go through cancer.  Many of us in the office wanted to help out with meals, so the hospital sent their dietitian so speak regarding how to help prepare meal for … [Read more...]

What happens if a will cannot be found?

In this blog from US Probate Services, they talk about missing wills.  It's always good to leave a copy of your will  in a safe.   I have clients that give a copy to a family member or friend to keep in their safe.  This is a good idea because of theft or fire as well.  It's always important to speak with your Attorney to ask them, what they recommend.  Missing Wills raise all sorts of … [Read more...]

New housing starts lower than expected in July

Here in Arizona we are starting to see new builders back, our permits are up in the Valley of the Sun, but for most of the country, the numbers are down with permits on new builder, as you can see in this article. Here in Arizona, our inventory has been exceptionally low and that is one reason why our new builders here in the valley of the Sun have been so successful.  If you are looking to move … [Read more...]

Estate planning checklist for young folks

The last thing on the minds of young adults heading off to college is drafting a health care proxy and power of attorney. Once they emerge freshly educated four years later, visions of wills and trusts are also unlikely to be on their radar. After all, who thinks about ticking off items on an estate planning checklist while they're still in the throes of figuring out how they're going to pay off … [Read more...]

What if the decedent owned land in more than one state?

The laws of the state in which the deceased was a permanent resident or “domiciliary” govern who would receive all the deceased’s personal property, wherever it was located, and all the deceased’s real property located within the state. Thus probate almost always is undertaken in the home state. If the decedent owned out-of-state real property, the laws of the other state govern who gets it … [Read more...]

Simple Asset Protection Techniques

Many of the traditional forms of estate planning can be used effectively as asset protection techniques. Gifts of property not intended to defraud creditors remove the assets from your estate. If your child owns the farm, it is no longer at risk from your creditors – although your son’s creditors and his spouse may pose a risk. Retirement plans have a considerable amount of asset protection … [Read more...]

What if Someone objects to the Will?

If someone files an objection to the (probate estate) Will, or produces another Will, what is known as a “Will contest” has begun. While Will contests are not that rare, and while few people actually win one, they can be extraordinarily costly and create incredible delays. It is not just anyone that can contest a Will. For example, if you feel your recently deceased next door neighbor’s out of … [Read more...]