New HUD listing in Gilbert Arizona, Val Vista Lakes Subdivision…..

Val Vista Lakes is one of the premier area's in Gilbert Arizona. Near the 60 freeway which takes you to all area's of the valley. Fine dining and shopping just around the corner and a new Great Hearts School being built as we speak. This home features 3 bedroom and 2 large bathrooms. 1,335 square feet of living and family rooms the fireplace is double sided for more romance and … [Read more...]

Should I Rent My House If I Can’t Sell It?

In this blog you will see questions you should ask yourself if you are considering putting your home on the market as a rental.  That said, the inventory of homes on the market in Arizona is very low.  If you are one of the sellers that cannot sell your home, consider this:  Do I have the home price correctly?  Do I have the right real estate professional marketing my home?  Where are they … [Read more...]

Jury awards Oregon woman $18.6M over credit report

In this article from the Associated Press, you will see how important checking your credit scores on an annual bases. Most of the credit bureau's will allow a yearly check of your credit score, and I highly recommend it, even if you are not in the process of buying a home. It will save you time and money when you do go to buy a home or any other large investment down the road. PORTLAND, Ore. … [Read more...]

Are Living Trusts Only For Wealthy People?

By Jay Citarella At its core a living trust is a fairly basic document. In fact, designed properly, it can take care of a lot of different needs. The main purpose of a living trust is to transfer assets to heirs in the most efficient manner possible. Tending to various needs surrounding accidents, disabilities or severe illness is another function of a trust. If it sounds like you need to be … [Read more...]

How is the Phoenix Arizona Housing Market, April 2013

How is the market? Everywhere I go in the Phoenix metro area EVERYONE is talking about the Phoenix real estate market. Whether I am in the grocery store, at my daughter’s volleyball games or simply going about my day, everyone wants to know “how is the market”. In short, the market is great. Well, it is great if you are a seller. The Phoenix real estate market has done a complete 180. It seems … [Read more...]

What’s with all the TLA’s (three letter acronyms) in Real Estate? Part 2

  Many Real Estate Agents like to use acronyms in our business; today I will be covering POF and LOI. What does POF and LOI stand for? Well, POF is Proof of Funds and LOI is Letter of Intent. When buying a home, all buyers must come in with their proof of funds. This allows the seller to see you are serious about buying their home. Many Real Estate Professionals include a copy of the proof of … [Read more...]

What’s with all the TLA’s (three letter acronyms) in Real Estate?

Many of us in the Real Estate business use words like, REO, POF, LOI and LSR to our clients. What do all those acronyms really mean? I would like to cover these separately. Today, I will be covering REO. Well, REO stands for Real Estate Owned properties. These properties are taken back from the banks and many are sold on the open market with a licensed real estate professional. Foreclosures … [Read more...]

Is it still a good time to sell your Phoenix home?

For the majority of 2012, homes for sale in Phoenix Arizona have been very low. This has caused multiple offers for many buyers. A shift is happening and as of today December 11, 2012, we have approximately 4000 more single family homes, then we did back in April 2012. As of today, we have 14, 292 active single family homes. Back in April we were closer to 10,000 active single family homes. … [Read more...]