Scorpion-Proof Your Home now!

Scorpion-Proof Your Home now, While the Critters are Seeking Places to bed Down for Winter As Phoenix-area overnight low temperatures start to drop into the 50's and below, scorpions start to hunker down for the winter. You're less likely to encounter the slumbering creatures during the fall and winter months unless you stumble across their hiding places. “Our only medically significant … [Read more...]

Simple Asset Protection Techniques

Many of the traditional forms of estate planning can be used effectively as asset protection techniques. Gifts of property not intended to defraud creditors remove the assets from your estate. If your child owns the farm, it is no longer at risk from your creditors – although your son’s creditors and his spouse may pose a risk. Retirement plans have a considerable amount of asset protection … [Read more...]

Make Sure To Have A C.P.R.E.S Certified Realtor

Probate is an everyday process in our courts and the number of filings grows daily. The disposition of real property is one of the primary actions in most cases. The executors and administrators need to have a resource to assist them in the sale and marketing of the real property in a positive and stress free manner. The courts, as well as the heirs, want to make sure the property is handled with … [Read more...]

What’s with all the TLA’s (three letter acronyms) in Real Estate? Part 2

  Many Real Estate Agents like to use acronyms in our business; today I will be covering POF and LOI. What does POF and LOI stand for? Well, POF is Proof of Funds and LOI is Letter of Intent. When buying a home, all buyers must come in with their proof of funds. This allows the seller to see you are serious about buying their home. Many Real Estate Professionals include a copy of the proof of … [Read more...]

Is it still a good time to sell your Phoenix home?

For the majority of 2012, homes for sale in Phoenix Arizona have been very low. This has caused multiple offers for many buyers. A shift is happening and as of today December 11, 2012, we have approximately 4000 more single family homes, then we did back in April 2012. As of today, we have 14, 292 active single family homes. Back in April we were closer to 10,000 active single family homes. … [Read more...]

Seasonal Guide to Home Maintenance for December 2012

You know that your house needs regular upkeep in order to stay in good condition. Not only can little maintenance issues become expensive and turn into major repairs, but nowadays problems that buyers might have overlooked can be huge liabilities when it comes time to sell." Good thing that most crucial maintenance tasks can be done just once a year at a certain time. Winter * Clean the vents … [Read more...]

How much is your Phoenix Arizona home really worth in December 2012?

I have a client who called me last week and told me they have to sell their home. He said he might have to do a short sale and wanted to know the process of a short sale. I explained to him that prices are on the rise here in Phoenix Arizona and his house might be worth more than what he thinks. I pulled up homes for sale in his area that were active, pending and recently sold. After … [Read more...]

I remember in the 1990’s when Phoenix was a Corporate Headquarters

I have lived in Phoenix Arizona since 1992 and at that time, I remember when corporations were moving into Phoenix, Arizona because the cost of doing business in the valley was so much less. Recently, California approved a massive tax initiative earlier in October, which could mean more buyers moving to Arizona. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council is hoping that leads to job growth here in … [Read more...]