New housing starts lower than expected in July

Here in Arizona we are starting to see new builders back, our permits are up in the Valley of the Sun, but for most of the country, the numbers are down with permits on new builder, as you can see in this article. Here in Arizona, our inventory has been exceptionally low and that is one reason why our new builders here in the valley of the Sun have been so successful.  If you are looking to move … [Read more...]

I’m now the Personal Representative of an Estate, Now What?

Are you in the position of representing an estate? You are probably asking yourself, well, what do I do now? Part of what a personal representative does is help facilitate the dispersion of personal items to the family members, dispose of those not wanted, manage the estate with an attorney and/or a local judge with a specific timeline, and arranging the sale of any home or real property that … [Read more...]

Seasonal Guide to Home Maintenance for December 2012

You know that your house needs regular upkeep in order to stay in good condition. Not only can little maintenance issues become expensive and turn into major repairs, but nowadays problems that buyers might have overlooked can be huge liabilities when it comes time to sell." Good thing that most crucial maintenance tasks can be done just once a year at a certain time. Winter * Clean the vents … [Read more...]