Top 7 Zip codes for appreciation In Arizona

The top 7 zip codes for appreciation in Arizona are here in the East Valley.  In these 7 Zip Codes, the appreciation has increased over 10% when compared to the 3 months average price per square foot with last years at this same time.

Is it a good time to sell my house?

Is it a good time to sell my house?

The biggest rises in average sales price per square foot over the last year have been in the areas closest to the center of the Phoenix conurbation and close to the freeway system. These tend to be older and less focused on the out of state buyer. The top ZIP codes for appreciation in the Southeast Valley are currently:

  1. Mesa 85210
  2. Mesa 85201
  3. Mesa 85203
  4. Tempe 85281
  5. Tempe 85282
  6. Chandler 8224
  7. Mesa 85204

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