What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Professional?

What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Professional?

Do you need a Certified Probate Real Estate Agent in Arizona who knows the in’s and out’s of probate Real Estate? What is a Probate Real Estate Agent, you ask? Well, a Probate Real Estate Agent is someone who understands the requirements of probate in regards to the sale of real property that is part of a probate process. I can help sell your Arizona home or a home for a friend or family member that is in probate. I can also help someone who needs to sell their Arizona home to move into an assistive living or to downsize to a smaller home. Refer your clients to Lydia Wietsma with Red Brick Realty. I specialize in Probate Real Estate; quickly selling probate homes for the highest price is my number one concern.

I also specialize in Reverse Mortgage Short Sales if assistance is needed there as well. What is a Reverse Mortgage Short Sale, you ask? Well, a Reverse Mortgage Short Sale occurs when someone has a Reverse Mortgage on their home and the home is worth less then what their loan is on the home. Many clients of mine have parents that have passed away with a Reverse Mortgage on their home. The children of the deceased can either buy the home themselves or sell the home on the open market. My job is to have the Reverse Mortgage Company agree to take less then what is owed on the home, thus, a Reverse Mortgage Short Sale is needed.

When you, your family members, or friends need to sell probate real property, you need a certified probate real estate professional that can get the home sold quickly for the best price. If needed, I have a team of real property service specialists that can help with property cleaning, repair services and personal property removal to present the property for quickest sale. These services simplify the sales process during a difficult time. The last thing you need is to worry about real property when going through probate. Let me take the worry off your hands and make the transaction go smoother. I can also help assist you with your probate real estate services in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma with certified Probate Real Estate Professionals in these areas as well.

Call my Lydia Wietsma, Certified Probate Real Estate Professional in Arizona at 602.363.1720, email me at Lydia@ArizonaPowerAgent.com or fill out the form below.  Thank you and have a wonderful Sunny Arizona Day.


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